YAB provides proper, innovative and continuing support to both learners with disabilities and learners without special needs. It also provides support to those who seek to educate or work with them in order to tackle bullying and cyberbullying issues.

It will improve socialisation, reduce marginalisation and ease both their lives in school and their migration into adulthood, to allow them to enjoy fully rounded lives and contribute more widely to society.

It will also provide support to educators and trainers in promoting equity, diversity, and inclusion in learning through educational institutions and wider society.

Research shows that bullying can negatively impact a child’s access to education and lead to school avoidance and higher rates of absenteeism, lower grades, inability to concentrate, loss of interest in academic achievement and it can increase dropout rates. The COVID-19 pandemic has led to an increase in using digital platforms, especially for education purposes.

Because of the pandemic, kids might also engage in cyberbullying because they are bored, lonely or want attention. Young people with disabilities are more likely than their peers to experience violence, sexual abuse and bullying; they also often face violence linked to their disability, as well as other, more subtle, forms of violence, such as exclusion and isolation.

Bullying may also be considered harassment when it is based on a student’s race, color, national origin, sex, disability, or religion. It is therefore fundamental to implement actions to address bullying in schools, and that these could more strongly consider children and young people with disabilities.


To promote the development and acquisition of proper and useful knowledge to deal with bullying and cyberbullying


To foster the awareness of the risks related to bullying and cyberbullying and the unconscious use of internet and social media.


To enhance the empowerment of young students providing them with main tools for critical thinking against bullying and cyberbullying


YAB Resource centre against bullying and cyberbullying.


Collection of Anti-Bullying campaign projects


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